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What We Do

As a full-service agency, Publicis is more than the sum of its parts. We continue to evolve and invest in our specialized services to ensure they are industry-leading in their respective fields, and connected to each other in a manner that amplifies expertise.

Our Services

Our goal is to find the single best way to create powerful brand experiences. The method we use is an alchemy of intelligence, creativity and technology. Our team of strategists uncover insights into your customers, your category and your company and how culture and trends are affecting them. It enables us to understand all the influences on a brand and ensure collaboration at every level. Our approach recognizes the undeniable truth that the more consumers experience brands the more engaged and loyal they become.

We offer a full and comprehensive suite of planning capabilities, supported by a host of proprietary tools and activities. Working within a strategic framework we take an intentionally flexible approach, evolving as the world evolves around us.

In the past 12 months much of our work has been in the following areas:

  • Brand Planning & Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Content Strategy
  • Channel Planning
  • Insight Generation
  • Research and Analytics
  • Workshops

We are Canada’s largest digital advertising agency, with a long and successful history of creating breakthrough digital campaigns and following through with the analytics to measure their success. There is unlikely to be an ad format out there that we haven’t created – be it standard, rich, mobile, short-form or long-form video, or more. Our team of DoubleClick-certified developers creates and traffics over 1,000 digital ads a month. And they are constantly training to ensure they are ahead of the technological curve.

We are obsessed with finding the most contextual, engaging and impactful way to get our message to the target – be it through personalization, segmented targeting, sequential messaging, weather-triggering, time-serving, geo-targeting or remarketing. We have countless ways to ensure we get the right message in front of the right person at the most relevant moment.

Publicis has built a dedicated team of digital strategists who are experts in social media, but also look at the bigger picture to understand its role in the context of digital ecosystems. We are obsessive about understanding the journey that consumers may take on their path to purchase and use a plethora of social listening, search and proprietary tools to dig in to what consumers actually want from brands. We use these insights to develop data-driven social media strategies that guide content production and ultimately give consumers what they want to see from brands in the social space.

We offer a robust in-house video production team that works closely with our strategy and creative departments to implement our meticulously developed strategies in the fast-paced digital world. Our content is built to stop consumers in-feed and pay attention to our client’s product offering.

A prevalent part of consumer behavior, search is used daily in diverse ways. At Publicis, we believe that search is a window to customer intent. It offers valuable insights that can be leveraged to develop a holistic, multichannel marketing approach.

Our team of Search Strategists use search data to understand how people are navigating the online space around a specific product, category or brand. We then leverage these insights to build stronger strategic and creative products. Essentially, search grounds our work in the intersection between what a brand wants to say, and what people actually want.

We also recognize that strong SEO is essential to increase success in keyword ranking and improve the overall user experience. Our technical SEO services include best practice definition, audits, technical optimization implementation, reporting and consulting services.

With the recent integration of Epsilon Agency, Hawkeye has become the leading CRM offering in Publicis Groupe, further strengthening our practice and making us part of the largest pure play CRM agency in North America.

We orchestrate experiences across a customer’s journey – leveraging human insight, the world’s best data, empathetic creativity, and world-class technology – to drive business results and create more meaningful connections between humans and brands. We call these Connections Designed to MatterTM, and they are what sets Hawkeye apart.

We believe brand messaging can’t live in isolation, so we use data to adapt brands for each channel by connecting through contextual relevance, making sure in the process that every dollar spent is more efficient and effective for marketers.

No longer can we rely on integrated messaging. We must deliver interconnected experiences. This means that each medium, with its unique characteristic, builds on the other to present the brand as an integral whole. This results in campaigns that truly surround and engage, not just interrupt.

To achieve this we have built within the agency a depth and breadth of industry leading subject matter experts. And beyond individual expertise, we have built a planning department to deliver across disciplines. It means the hiring of a head of decision sciences to make sense of the data available to us and execute a behaviourally driven connections plan. And it means working more closely with our media partners from strategy to ideation, execution and optimization to ensure that our messages become increasingly more relevant with each consumer interaction.

Publicis has the right mix of people, process and technological capabilities to enable true 1:1 communications at scale.  Our Decision Sciences team takes a collaborative approach to help marketers make informed, data-driven decisions through the ability to track, mine and report on data to gain a richer understanding of customers, generate insights and use each marketing touch point with the maximum impact.

Making sense of data can be very challenging, our Machine Learning and AI capabilities gives us a distinct advantage with delivering a fully orchestrated, multi-channel decisioning engine.  This ensures not only the right marketing mix but also the next best action based on behavioural triggers with the brand in near real-time.

We are the leading Sports & Entertainment agency in Canada, harnessing the power of professional and amateur sport, music, art, gaming, cause and lifestyle to help our clients build culture and create purpose-driven partnerships that matter to consumers. We are the preferred agency of dozens of rightsholders in the Sport & Entertainment sector across Canada and Globally and are often first-to-market in identifying new media and engagement platforms that help our clients connect with fans where and when they want to consume content they’re passionate about.  We use industry-leading and proprietary tools to uncover differentiating insights and drive value for our clients, combined with our unmatched depth of strategic, creative and production resources to create campaigns built on a compelling truth, delivered intelligently across channels to maximize reach. From sponsorship strategy and valuation to celebrity management to grassroots marketing, the programs we architect and execute drive high-impact brand and sales results for our clients.

Publicis Diversité offers multicultural communications services to many of our clients. We believe that the diverse cultural makeup of the Canadian market creates incredible opportunity for marketers to differentiate their brand through a deep understanding and respect of the cultural nuances that exist. Our team is a blend of bright and inquisitive minds across ethnicities who challenge the norm. We benefit from the broader perspective offered by a large agency with access to global resources, while remaining deeply grounded within the cultural communities we serve.

With every passing day it seems like a new communication channel appears on the scene presenting an attractive opportunity for our client’s brands. But with this literal explosion of channels and an always-on marketing approach comes increasing demand on our clients to produce more content at the speed their business requires. Delivering against this need motivated us to invest in and build an industry-leading production offering. And to ensure we’re able to move at a lightning fast pace, we are completely self-contained. Everything resides under our roof.

We now have 12 video editing suites in Canada as well as in-house CGI and animation artists, full online finishing and an audio recording studio. Digitally, we have built a unique studio offering called Spark that leverages the processes of our web maintenance group to deliver high-volume, low-cost assets for display and email. And finally, our print studio delivers over 16,000 ads to over 1,500 publications and partners in Canada every year.

Nurun is a full-service web and mobile agency, and an integral piece of our offering. Our mission is to create web and mobile experiences that people love to use, achieved by data-centric insight, human-centred design, innovative technology and smart, creative thinking. In partnership with our clients, we construct web and mobile platforms and applications that benefit their business and support and augment their key objectives and KPIs.

Our integration with the Publicis global network provides deeper opportunities and greater outreach to our clients, as we understand the entire brand ecosystem and create web and mobile experiences that augment, enhance and support the customer journey. We understand that the journey is no longer a linear one and that multiple touchpoints (social posts, banner ads, print campaigns, tv, etc.) lead to a website visit that can ultimately drive conversion.

We ensure that through formidable user experience, search engine optimization, digital ecosystem planning, technological development, quality assurance, analytics and optimization strategies, we create lasting and effective web and mobile experiences that deliver time and time again.